Evolution of Darwin vs Avatars of Hindu God, Lord Vishnu

Evolution of Darwin vs Avatars of Hindu God, Lord Vishnu

By: Prof.Dr. Devi Dutta Paudyal


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The Avatars, basically, refers to the descending order from simple life form to more complex life forms. It can be seen as the reflection of the modern Darwinian theory of evolution, that is, the most sophisticated life as a human has been evolved through a long process of development of life. Avatars, to some extent, support the Darwinian theory of evolution. The first avatar is Matsya, it refers to fish it implies that the first life started to develop from water. In the beginning of the life process, there were no lives on land. The second avatars is kurma, it literally means tortoise and it indicates that life from water started to make slow approach to land and that is the beginning of kurma avatar, that is, life can survive both in water and land. The third avatar is ‘Baraha’ and its English translation is boar. This, basically, means life could only survive on land, it is a transition phase from sea life to land life. The fourth avatar is half man and half animal i.e. lion-man. In the development process of life, semi-human appeared on land. This also is a transition from an animal form of life to a human like form. The fifth stage of life form is vamana, it is growing dwarf. In the Darwinian context, it is the first primate having some kind of intelligence. In fact, it is a transition from semi-human form to the first step towards human form. The sixth avatar is a warrior but of imperfect human form. The seventh avatar is Rama, a human, physically and mentally in perfect form. The eighth avatar is Krishna, perfect both physically and intellectually. The ninth avatar is Buddha, the perfect human who is a propounder of Buddhism. The tenth avatar is Kalki,  a perfect human and a great warrior supposed to decend from outer space to restore cosmic order. Avatar phenomenon is very well in line with the Darwin theory of evolution, that is the Hindu myth and Darwin theory have the same common root of concept.

The other idea that very well supports the concept of Darwinan evolution is that human brain is divided into three main parts; namely reptilean brain, limbic brain, and neo-cortex brain. The reptilean brain was developed in the early reptiles (a vertebrate animals of a class that includes snakes, lizard, crocodiles and tortoises) that did not require sophistication in their life activity. They only needed motor balanace, heart function, respiratory function, and body temperature. There is exactly the same  idea imbedded in the avatars of lord Vishnu. From there on, the life needed more tools to exist on earth and thus second category brain i.e. limbic brain got developed. Let me take a diversion from the main topic and discuss about the DNA of the living cell that needed more sophistication  in the life form as it needed to cope with the changing environment and so some sort  of change in the functioning of the brain was called for.

The limbic brain has responsibility for memories, emotions, and behavior. The hypothalamus, the major part of this limbic brain got added in the reptilean brain and life had better hands-on tools from this part of the brain for survival. This part of the got developed in the primates and the development process continued to the first growing dwarf. The need for survival made necessary to add extra hands-on in the reptilian brain and even demanded further development of brain of the life form. The most recent brain of the human being is the neo-cortex brain. This part of the brain controls the major functions, like languages, creatively, abstract thoughts, imagination, and consciousness. This brain is important in humans in the sense that it helped develop human culture, arts, and civilization. This is where life form is now and the development of the brain should still be continuing in order to meet the changing environment.

But the question may arise why neo-cortex brain did not get developed in other animals. The answer to this question is that even intelligent animals like dogs, elephants, chimpanzees, and dolphins, probably due to lack of intellectual exercises within their brain for better survival and by nature their brain activity got stuck only for carrying out basic needs of food and sexual reproduction.

In my opinion, the new brain, the fourth brain part, (its name is still unknown in the scientific literature) has to be developed in the human being, With the development of this brain, the human being makes a transition from simple human to a more sophisticated superhuman. If this kind of brain gets developed in the human, the humans by themselves could have the ability to control diseases and control the decay of their body cells and this will eventually lead to longevity.

Not only that these superhumans could perform other unthinkable or unimaginable feats that may seem impossible for us (Present Human Forms) but possible for the future superhumans.

Our forefathers started with reptilian life form and thereon, they got continuously developed during a long course of time to a new life form having only three main brain parts. Having said so, I would like to connect our genetic linkage to our Gotra to the very root of our ancestry. It is a fact and no one can deny it that some of the Brahmin clans, of Nepal like Gewalis have their root of ancestry from “Swet- Varah” and therefore their genetic linkage is “Swet Varah”. However, other Brahmin clans have their root of ancestry to the Rishis like Bharadwaj, Atreya, Garga, and the like.

In India, in the region of Himanchal Pradesh, there are tribes derived from Naga (serpent) and they are still called Naga Gotriya i.e. having reptilian ancestry and they are proud to be descendant of Naga.

To support the idea of reptilian ancestry, the ancestors of “Iraqi” now, were reptiles and this fact is depicted in the Sumerian stone tablets. In those tablets, it is carved that their God reptile came from heaven and landed on Sumerian land i.e. (The present-day Iraqi and Kuwait) and they developed civilization there. Sumerian is an advanced ancient civilization, later known as Babylonian civilization, the civilization of River Tigris and Euphrates.

In short, we got developed from water and thereafter on land. Our first brain is reptilian in character and therefore our early ancestors are no other creatures but Reptiles.

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