Prof. Dr. Devi Dutta Paudyal

First of all, I would like to extend my hearty congratulations and share my happiness with you SEE graduates for passing out very important examination after ten years of hard work. Getting through this examination is a great achievement in your life and joy to your parents and your relatives.

Now you are through your school environment & looking forward to continue your academic career to the upper level. It is indeed a quantum transition to another state and it is very hard to choose where to start your educational career. In fact, it is a major decision in your life. I believe that REHDON college will be a choice you will not regret if you are ambitious to succeed in life. The question “Why REHDON?” The answer to your question is obvious: REHDON has been serving young students from almost seventy five district of Nepal since 2000AD and REHDON has been their foremost choice. Here at REHDON you will have wonderful opportunity with inter-district students from Jhapa in the east and from the district of Kanchanpur in the west.

It has very good infrastructure, that is, modern building with a provision of elevator, well equipped laboratories, adequate book and journals that our library houses and computer lab that provides cutting edge technology in the in the computing skills. Moreover, it has excellent hotel management lab for training young minds for world class catering.

Also, we are offering our young people with personalized teaching in caring and safe environment; REHDON values and provides high academic achievements within learning by doing focused environment and individual approach to tracking maintaining learners. We have, at REHDON opportunities for young people to develop talents and interests in wide range of extra-curricular actives, for example in sporting events, in arts and drama events, in music and dance events. We are proud in taking leadership in martial arts, fine arts and socio-cultural events.We prepare our students for the rigors and challenges of the 21st century.

REHDON is not simple the reality of its campus; the true spirit of REHDON comes from people who from our school community, students, teachers and families associated with us. I am so happy that you are a part of this family too and looking forward to great years ahead together. We here at REHDON will be extremely delighted to welcome you here.